Since I just started up my blog, I was totally in a big confusion how to get a good traffic to my blog? Even if I post relevant contents, there is no hope for me. So I just search for how to promote my blog posts through internet. I just found some social bookmarking site where we can give away the links to our blog posts. So the users will get notice our content and will drive through our website. Initially I had only 2 or 3 websites for these Social Book Markings. But currently I found some great websites where you can post your links You will receive definite amount of visitors.

In the showcase below, let me post some of the most wanted promotional sites where you should give your links. Some of them Needs Registration. 🙂

1. Digg

2. Stumbleupon

3. Mixx

4. DesignMoo

5. Design Dazzling

6. The Web Blend

7. ZaBox

8. Reddit

9. Delicious

10. Graphic-Design-Links

11. DesignBump

12. Noupe

13. DesignFloat

14. Vectortuts


16. PsdTuts

17. Abduzeedo

18. PSDFan

19. Joyoge

20. DesignShard

21. QuandNet

22. WebDesignTuts

23. Spoonfed Design

24. Directory For Designers

25. Naldzgraphics

26. FreeLance Folder


28. Whofreelance

29.TripWire Magazine

30. 10Steps

31.Web Design News

32. Smashing Post

33. Spoonfed Design

34. Colorburned


36. BoogiesBC

37. TheCreativityWall

38. Noupe

39. Kailoon

40. Speckyboy

41. Visual Blast

42. ScripyAndStyle


44. DeadWings Designs

45. Design Jojo

46. Little Box OF Ideas

47. KnowTeBook

48. BrushKing

49. NetTuts

50. PSDLearning

if you have some more, please add it in the comment section. I’m sorry if I miss any important sites 🙂

Listing from Users

51. vulka

52. desigg