Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed very well our previous WP theme tutorial. Today I have an interesting topic for you to design something for your own Twitter page. Yes It’s the Twitter Background design. I think it’s not so good to put your wonderful twitter account with the default background solid color which they will give to you. It would be better if you create your own Background for your twitter account. Today I have a nice explanation on how to make your own twitter BG. Before that, I have something to point out about the twitter BG designing.

Live Demo

Twitter’s design is centred, and shifts left and right across the background image, depending on the size of the user’s display and their web browser’s window size. The background design should support a wide variety of window dimensions. So if you create a BG according to your screen resolution, most of the visitors may not see most of your BG items. So 1280px is a common width to optimize for. This allows for two 250px wide columns either side of the main content area. Also, I do not prefer to design in both the sides since it will be too much crowded.

So now let’s move on to the design part. Here I’m using a simple theme which you can use for any type of twitter accounts.

So start with a new document of size 1280 X 768.

You can use any type of background. Here I’m using a wooden texture to make the feel of the Top of a Table. We are making the background as the table. You should be very careful while choosing your background picture. It should have high resolution. Otherwise the image will be blurred.

If you have a small piece of the wooden texture which has only a small screen resolution, you can duplicate the images and spread them over the background to fill the entire area. You can make use of the tools like Clone stamp Tool (S), Dodge tool (O), Burn Tool (O) to make the background more attractive.

So this will be my background Image.

Now mark with rulers from both the sides with about 250px each. Twitter main page will be within the two rulers.  If you want to check it with your twitter page, you can make a screen shot of that and can be placed within this area.

Now we can make some table elements like sticky notes, diary, papers etc. You can use the items from the PSD file of this tutorial. You can download this for free. Make sure that there is a small drop shadow for each of the elements. This will give a nice look to the elements.

You can give a small shadow for the sticky note. For that, make a small selection using the Elliptical Marquee tool.

Now make a new layer “Shadow” which is below the sticky note layer and fill it with a black color.

Now go to Filter>>Blur>> Gaussian Blur . And set the parameters as shown in the image.

Now move the layer to the top right part of the sticky note. So that will give a realistic look for the sticky note.

You can also add an image of a cup of tea.  I think that will be a great idea. So Choose an image with Top view. Or you can use it from my PSD.

If you need to include your photos, you can make some of them like ‘photographs’ and add a small shadow to it through the Blending options of the image layer.  Now just make a tilt of that those picture. For that, select the image layer, press Ctrl + T, now  you can see a small rectangle over the image. So just drag the mouse to any direction to make it tilted. Now arrange the images according to your creativity.

I’m not writing anything on to the sticky note. So you can download the PSD and can add your own content to it. Also feel free to insert your own images.

Download The PSD

Live Demo

One small request, please maintain the Smashingwebs logo if you are using this PSD for your account.

So this is our final image. The twitter main page will be automatically placed within the region that we already reserved.

So this will give a nice look for your Twitter Background. Finally, you can change the color of your twitter sidebar using the options that they provided in the account settings page. So this will give a much blending look for your page.

So see you with new tutorials soon. Feel free to add your comments here so that I can make changes in my tutorials to make it perfectly fit for you people.