WordPress themes are attractive if the sidebar is interactive. For a good WordPress blog, it’s necessary to have almost all the plugins that may brings the visitors great happiness. Also, these plugins should be of high quality. So, here I have some of them for your wordpress blog. This showcase is of 2 parts. First part is now posted. 2nd will come soon. So stay tuned. I hope you never wanna miss it.

1. Sidebar Widgets

It’s called Sidebar Widgets because it allows you to move things (widgets) around, in and out of your sidebar. A widget is something that you might want on your sidebar, such as a category list or the most recent comments or a link to your admin pages. There is even a widget that lets you type whatever you want in the sidebar, such as some HTML or Javascript code.

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2. Core Sidebars

A plugin that enables you to have dedicated content and/or widget sidebar for each specific page or post. For example, on a featured blog post you may want to place additional contact while on a calendar page you might want to place a calender widget or some text events or both.

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3. Gaboinked! Chipin Sidebar Widget

hipIn allows you to collect money for a personal cause, group purchase, or fundraiser using your own custom Chipin Widget which is displayed on your blog or website.

With your PayPal account, you are able to create an interactive widget that allows you to raise money directly through blogs and other social media. Non-profit organizations are empowered to engage a distributed network of supporters in ‘blograising’ campaigns for major fundaising efforts.

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4. Category Selector Back to the Sidebar (MOD)

WordPress 2.5 changed our blogging life in both good and bad ways. One awful change is the categories section – why the “bleep” does it have to be at the bottom of the page, man? Anyways, this plugin removes that section below and adds a primitive, yet sufficient category selector to the sidebar.

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5. Stock Quote Sidebar

Stock Quote Sidebar is a WordPress plugin/widget that allows you to put a list of stock quotes in your sidebar (or anywhere you want, really).

The stock symbol, last price, and change (in dollars and/or percent) are displayed in a tabular format. The full company name is displayed in a tooltip when the symbol is moused-over. The date and time of the first quote in the list is displayed at the bottom of the list.

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6. Sidebar Login

Sidebar-Login has both a widget and a template tag to allow you to have a login form in the sidebar of your wordpress powered blog.

It lets users login, and then redirects them back to the page they logged in from rather than the backend, it also shows error messages.

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7. ax-sidebar

With this plugin you can add extra HTML or just plain text when posting a new page or post. That content will be displayed in sidebar widget. It is tested from WP 2.6 to 2.7.1.

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8. Last.fm Sidebar

Last.fm Sidebar is a WordPress plugin which allows you to display your last played Last.fm track in your WordPress sidebar along with album art. It’s fully customisable via the widget manager. Last.fm data is cached in a database as not to hinder the performance of your blog.

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9. Simple Sidebar Navigation

This plugin adds a widget into the Widgets dashboard that allows in a simple way, without writing any PHP code on your part, to create custom navigation in any sidebar pre-defined by your WP theme.

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10. Etsy Sidebar Widget

Adds WordPress sidebar widget to display your Etsy Mini on the website and offer visitors a chance to view what you are selling on your Etsy page. You can display what your selling or what’s in your Etsy Favorites.

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11. Sidebar Photoblog

There are several photo blog plug-in for WordPress. Most of them assume that you are a professional photographer who makes lots of money via his/her camera.

Sidebar Photo blog does not use lots of server resources and doesn’t have any confusing options. It uses WordPress functions to get maximum compatibility and flexibility.

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12. Add Users Sidebar Widget

Creates a sidebar widget that allows site users to add themselves to a blog based on predefined conditions. Based heavily on the sidebar add users widget by DSader

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13. NextGEN Gallery Sidebar Widget

The NextGEN widgets only allow showing of single images, I needed a solution to show links to galleries, so I wrote this widget. The widget lets you specify the following parameters

  • Maximum Galleries: the number of galleries you want to show
  • Gallery Order: you can select random, date added ascending or date added descending
  • Gallery Thumbnail: which image should be taken as thumbail in the sidebar (preview set in NGG, first or random image)
  • AutoThumb parameters: if you got AutoThumb installed, the widget will use its functions to resize the image to your needs. Use a string like w=80&h=80&zc=1 here to show 80×80 square thumbnails.
  • Output width/height: if you don’t use AutoThumb, the plugin will set the HTML attributes width & height.
  • Default Link Id: the widget assumes that you set up pages for each gallery and link the gallery to that page (you can use the NGG Gallery Editor to do this). If a gallery has no link set, it will use the default link (id of a page or post).

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14. Dynamic Sidebar HTML Inserter

Add any text or HTML to a dynamic sidebar

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15. WidgetBucks Sidebar Plugin

This Plug-in will allow you to copy the generated widgetbucks code into wordpress and display it on the sidebar.

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16. Wowhead Sidebar Search

This plugin provides a sidebar widget containing a configurable Wowhead search box.

You can choose from the six search box options shown here.

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17. Social Links Sidebar

Social Links Sidebar is a sidebar widget that displays icon links to your profile pages on other social networking sites. All the icons has rel="me" tag. (XFN compliant). This plugin is forked from AboutMe

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18. Video Sidebar Widgets

A Video Widget written in latest Widgets API. It enables the user to embed FlashVideo from various video sharing networks into the widgetised sidebar of a WordPress powered blog. Currently supporting video embed from 15 video sharing networks. Including, Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Blip.tv etc.. Now including Random Video Sidebar Widget to randomly display 1 out of 5 preset video.

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19. Simple Sidebar Share Widget

This allows your users to share any page of your blog on their chosen social network site.

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20. Web Fiction Table of Contents Sidebar Widget

This sidebar widget will generate a table of contents from a category of posts.

It is intended for authors of web fiction but should be useful to anyone using posts to write a book or similar in a serialized format.

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21. Thesis Sidebar Teasers

What does it do? This plugin allows you to insert Thesis Teasers inside a sidebar. It doesn’t include all the options that you would normally expect. In a future release, it might.

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22. Viralogy Twitter Sidebar

Viralogy’s Twitter Sidebar shows your visitors your most recent tweets and current tweets around tags you’re interested in.

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23. YouTube Sidebar

Display YouTube videos on individual pages. Let them list on a page, category view or front page or switch them off. You can even let AdSense show when a post doesnt have a video.

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24.  WebReserv EVENT Sidebar Booking Calendar

NOTE: This is the version 0.9 BETA of the the new WebReserv EVENT Sidebar Booking Calendar. You can read notes regarding the BETA version here.

The WebReserv EVENT Sidebar Booking Calendar lets you add an Event Calendar to your sidebar that handles bookings and reservations.

Visitors to your website can view the Event Calendar and book events and/or sessions with your business directly through the sidebar.

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25. Q-Sensei Sidebar Widgets

This Plugin allows you to quickly and easily include the useful features of the Q-Sensei Search Engine directly into your blog.

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Part Two will also contain some awesome plugins that you never wanna miss in your wordpress blog. Part 2 will be posted soon within 2 days. I’m getting almost high quality plugins for you 🙂