Happy New year friends. Since today is Jan 1st, I knew there will be a lot of postings from all the design related websites. We come across with a lot of such websites I know that. So today I have some good stuffs for you friends. In the case of a blog, commets plays an important roll. It will help the author to get know about the quality of his post also there is a Good chance for the commentors to share more information related to the same.

So the comment area plays an important roll in a blog. The more is the comment more will be the quality of the upcomming posts.So letes have a look at some of the comments sections? In the showcase below I have Top comment section designs from some of the popular websites. I hope this will serve as an Inspiration for your future works.


Clean Look and Glow when mouse over


Simple Look


Nice comment box. Clean look

1st Webdesigner.com

This comment area inclueds a backlink to your latest blog. If you give your blog’s URL, it will automatically add the link to your latest post. This enables the users to read the comment along with the commentor’s latest blogposts.Β  πŸ™‚


Comment area is like a talk bubble pointing to the avatar. Nice arrangement of the elements. Also backlinks to the latest posts of the commentor.


Some cool page flip effects πŸ™‚ Love it


Look at the design of this comment area. You will definitly love this one. This also offers a backlink to your latest blog.


Nice design. If you roll your mouse over the reply button, you can see some cool rollower with pencil like sketches. I like the simplicity πŸ™‚


Nice 3D look for the comment dividors


Clean and Nice arrangement

you are welcome with new comment area links πŸ™‚