I get a lot of emails asking for some tutorials on wordpress installation and usage. For the first couple of emails I made reply but its still continues. So I’m thinking of some tutorials on WordPress; Basic to Advance. But I think its very hesitating to write down and read all those things. Its better to view the things to understand easily. So I just collected some Youtube videos on the WordPress tutorials. I made some researches on this topic and found these tutorials will definitely help you. So enjoy the showcase.

WordPress Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up a WordPress blog, change its template, add categories, password-protect a post, and add a blogroll.

Dashboard Basic Introduction

This beginner-level WordPress tutorial shows you how to use the new WordPress  Dashboard, also called the WordPress site administration “back-end” or editing interface. It’s a very basic…

WordPress tutorial–installing on a local server

A tutorial on how to install wordpress on a local webserver

WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

WordPress Tutorial – How to Insert an Image & Make It a Link

How to Change Install & Activate a New Theme

eCommerce – Setting Up eShop

Easy Way To Replace The Header Image

JQuery Intergration

Howto Make a “Back to Top” of Page Link

Use Text Widget to Customize Sidebar 2

Put Text Over Image – Image Behind Text