Embed Article launched a WordPress Plugin yesterday giving any Publisher, big or small, the chance to build some great SEO while earning extra ad revenue from their content. And best of all, it’s free…

Here’s how it works: People who copy content from an Embed Article enabled website or blog are presented with the Embed Article Widget Window offering a unique code snippet as an alternative to their copied text. This unique code snippet, when pasted into their website’s HTML, will render out the portion of the article they copied, a link back to the article source and a display ad which the Publisher can use to monetize their content on the embedding website. Publishers also get access to reporting on what sites are embedding which articles, and how many impressions the embedded articles are receiving.

Here are the benefits explained in more depth:

Links Back: Every time someone embeds one of your articles using this technology, you’ll be getting a link back. This is a proven method to build SEO for your website. You’ll also be getting additional traffic to your blog from people clicking these links to read more articles from your blog.

Ad Revenue: Every embedded article will also display an ad. This ad can be earning you money by submitting your ad code to Embed Article during your account registration. Your ads can  be Google AdSense or any ad network you choose.

SEO Protection: When bloggers or aggregation sites copy and paste text from your original articles, they unfortunately end up competing for search engine position with the source of the article – your website. To counteract this issue, the Embed Article technology renders out the text from an article on the embedding blog in JavaScript making it invisible to search engines.

Reporting: Wouldn’t you like to see where your content ends up? Now you can. You’ll be able to see all the websites that are embedding your articles, as well as how many impressions they’re generating.

Another feature Embed Article gives you is the option to chose a button design to place somewhere on your blog (similar to retweet and FB Share) to encourage people to use it and show some pride. The more people that embed your articles, the better you look.

So if you’re one of those bloggers looking to build SEO (who isn’t), and earn additional ad revenue (Yes, please), then install their WP Plugin by Registering Free here: http://www.embedarticle.com/register

Soon you’ll be telling everyone to “Take my content! Embed my articles!” It’s also a great way to trade links and share posts between friendly bloggers or partner sites.