In my hostel, we had a lot of friends with latest model laptop. Most of them have Win 7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, 1GB GC etc.. But once a new person logs in to their account, he may get stuck there. All you can see is ugly wallpaper, a lot of icons with no arrangement, poor booting speed etc.

So I tried to find a good answer for keeping the desktop clean. I was searching for this a long time and I couldn’t found a single informative item (nothing new). So I did some research and found some great things.

If you are using Windows 7, why don’t you go for a circular dock? You can simply download it from the internet for free. This will give you a clean look for your icons in the desktop. Also please avoid keeping large sized files or icons in the desktop since it will badly affects the Booting speed.

The most important point is that of selecting a suitable wallpaper for your monitor. If you are using wide screens, definitely go for wide wallpapers. Also look at the clarity of the image (mainly resolution). Please avoid selecting such wallpaper which contains over works in it since it will cause a bad impression on the icons over the desktop. I found a lot of wallpaper which can be used for circular dock.

Another thing relating to the wallpaper is that, please try to select wallpapers matching to your Laptop color. I personally prefer Black color since it will also bring me a largeย  power save. So go for black wallpapers and attach the circular dock. So this will give your desktop a clear and clean look ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are some of my old desktop screenshots. Look how good was them.


Download the Images

You can have these wallpapers. Simply download the following wallpapers and have fun.

1. SmashingWebs1

2. SmashingWebs2

3. SmashingWebs3