Almost one month from the day I started blogging and SmashingWebs is taking a huge leap!
Initially I was wondering how I can make up this blog since I’m an Engineering Student as well as an online freelance graphics designer. I havn’t got a chance to write something in any blog. But sincerely Im pretty much sure that I can contribute something to you people even if it doesn’t meets the required quality
Today SmashingWebs got a high traffic and increased its rank to 1,30000+ within a month according to alexa. So I’m very happy with this blog now. But few days back, we got a major technical problem from the side of server and was not able to shown you new contents. Now, we came back with a new look to smashingwebs. I hope you guys enjoyed the new look a lot.

So Kepp in touch with us and we will bring new quality stuffs soon.

Winner Announced

Another important thing is that, we just got the winner for the give away contest held a couple of days ago. We are very happy to present out lucky winner FreePostia. The winner is selected through

So congrats to FreePostia.