Now a days, Free WordPress themes are overtaking the premium themes while comparing the options, interactive view, overall outlook etc. You guys may be looking for some of the most popular free wordpress themes. If we go through the famous blogs, we can see a lot of free wordpress theme packs. If you are just staring a new blog of your own, you can simply go for the free wordpress themes, since your site isn’t not so popular. But once you got some good traffic, its better for you to switch on to a unique theme. This will help you to get your own identity in blogger’s world.

So in the show case below, I’m presenting some of the cool free yet professional like wordpress themes that will definitly help you in someway. I hope you will get some nice inspiration for your future works also. If you have some awesome free wordpress themes, lets share here and make this post contentful. So enjoy the showcase 🙂

Marahan Free WordPress Theme

Marahan is a really nice Free WordPress Theme developed by Padd Solutions that comes really close to being a premium theme, except its free!

The theme comes with a customizable homepage with a welcome section and a featured post section. It comes with 5 different color schemes to choose from and an easy to use admin control panel where you can change several settings.


DesignPile Free WordPress Theme

DesignPile is a beautiful premium-like Free WordPress theme that is perfect for almost any blogging site.

The design of this theme is sort of grungy like with dark colors and some hand-drawn graphics. It comes with 3 different color schemes; Design Pile Blue, DesignPile Pink and Designpile Green.


Florance WordPress Theme

Florance is one of the latest Free WordPress Themes from This  theme has a very beautiful floral design accompanied by bright colors throughout.

Florance is a great theme for personal bloggers, especially those that love bright colors and flowers and it comes with some great premium-like features.


Mag Prince Free WordPress Theme

MagPrince is a really Beautiful Free Magazine WordPress Theme that will make your site look awesome. Although Free, this theme comes with many features you would typically find in a Premium theme, due to the fact that it has an encrypted footer with some links on it.

Overall the design of the magprince wordpress theme is quite nice, with light blue colors and some white to blue gradients. And it would fit well almost any type of a blog.


GamerPress Free Gaming WordPress Theme

Gamerpress is a really great premium-like Free WordPress theme that can be used for any site, yet it has been designed with Gaming sites or blogs in mind.

This theme is designed with a dark grays and yellows and with a grungy loook throughout the site.

Gamerpress, as the name suggests is a very well suited theme for gamer blogs. But it is also great for those that simply want a dark and grungy site.


Bright Sky Free WordPress Theme

Bright Sky is a really beautiful WordPress Theme developed by and is perfect for almost any time of site. Whether you are looking for a WordPress theme for your blog or news site, this theme could definitely be what you are searching for.


Spectrum Free WordPress Theme

Spectrum is a very bright and colorful Free WordPress Theme created by Ignacio Ricci and is unlike any other other theme we have seeing.

This theme keeps up to modern design trends with cool out-of-the-box headings that exceed the main container and seem to pop-out, it has a really nice “see-through” background and neat fonts.

Overall this is a very Flashy WordPress Theme and is great for people looking to create a blog that really stands out the second you see it.


Wise Business Free WordPress Theme

Wise Business is a Free WordPress Theme that is perfect if you are looking to create a site aimed at selling a product or service.

This theme has a really great layout with a dynamic main section on the homepage with subsections below.


Notepad Free WordPress Theme

Notepad is a modern WordPress theme with a subtle touch of the sketchy effect. Key features include: multi-level dropdown menus, social media buttons, threaded & paged comments, and widget support. Users with a CSS3 compatible browser will see the visual enhancement such as rounded corners and drop shadow.