I think you may come across with a lot of sites that may have a membership program. Through this, you can give away your stuffs for free or for $$. You can fix a monthly membership price and can get some members if you have some awesome stuffs to deliver in a periodical time. That means only those members who have taken an account in your blog will only get the valuable things that you provide.

We have a lot of sites like this who provides membership programs. If you want to download some tutorials, you will have to get the premium account. Through this way, the blog owner can get some revenue.

Another feature of this membership site is that, your content will be available only at the safest hands. Since you are not providing your contents (tutorials, packs etc) for free only those people who are really interested in your stuffs will download it. So no worry about any kind of missuse.

So if you are about to start or have a blog of your own, you can simple convert your existing or starting blog in to a membership blog or site though a simple process. You will get wordpress plugins to convert the same. So no need of going for another coding works. You can simply install the plugin and start making a new membership blog.

In the resource below, let me introduce you a wordpress plugin that will convert your blog in to a well defined membership blog. Simply sit down and maintain your blog. That’s all what you have to do in this plugin.

Magic Members Plugin is such a plugin that will help you to convert your blog to a fully functional membership blog. Just download the plugin and install it in your blog (wordpress) and start creating a brand new blog of your own.

Wordpress Membership Plugin

You will have full access on this control panel. The main features includes;

  • Multiple Membership Levels
  • Easy Integration with Existing or New WordPress Blogs
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Payment Integration Modules
  • Unlimited Coupon Creation
  • Login Redirection
  • Pay Per Post Access

and much more..

So if you are interested in Magic Members Plugin, just have a try. So enjoy the show 🙂