SiteApps is a fairly new site that I’ve started using and I want to share it with you. This site has tons of cool apps and widgets you can add to your own site and it lets people develop apps and put them on the marketplace. If you create a free account you can have 2 apps for free. So to help you choose here are some of my favorite apps that I’ve tried.

1. Floating Social Media Widget: This is by far the best app currently available in the marketplace. It creates a floating toolbar on the side of your site with icons for your social media profiles. Currently supported are links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and RSS. This is a fantastic way to display your profiles since it is noticeable, but not distracting to your visitors.

2. Corner Peel Ad: This is an interesting app to add to your site because it could potentially make you money. This app shows a small image in the corner of your site, which when hovered over peels back to show a larger image that can lead to a link. There is potential for money here if you can make a deal with an advertiser in which you show their image on the peel back for a certain amount of time in exchange for payment.

3. Twitter Bird Flying: This is an interesting because it has a novelty aspect to it. What this app does is create a blue bird that will fly onto a page your visitor is reading. It will follow your visitor as they scroll and perch somewhere on the page. When you scroll over the bird it will give you options to tweet the content you are currently following or follow a designated twitter account. Although some may find it annoying, the novelty aspect means that more people will be inclined to see what it is and in turn you will have likelier Twitter exposure.

4. Share This: Now many of you may already know of ShareThis and may even have its widget on your site. But this app version lets you create a different style of the widget. This creates one of those sidebar style share widgets that can follow your visitor as they scroll down a page. This also gives you the option of including the +1 button in addition to the traditional share so you can kill two birds with one stone and not need to get the button separately.

5. Google+ Floating Button: Google+ is relatively new, but its +1 button is gaining popularity and this app makes it very simple to add one to your site if you want it separate from a sharing widget. The floating button can go on any corner of your website and can be adjusted to be fixed or floating.

You can preview these apps and others to see how they look on your site before you implement them at

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