What is a Flat Website Design? The Flat design style is one of today’s newest trends when it comes to designing websites. When we say ‘flat design’, we are referring to the type of layout that lacks gradients, textures, and drop shadows. You will see solid colors and plain typography styles frequently used in flat designs. This type of site may look very simple, however it can be tricky to get a design like this to look great.

To help you get acquainted with flat web designs, we have featured 13 examples here, in this post. We hope that this collection will help you could get some ideas for your next project.



Simple flat design with white background and image slider.



Spell Tower
Clean background simple buttons and graphics


White design with straightforward text


Layer Vault
Graphical interface with no shading.


Easy to navigate, excellent use of color.


Simple and easy to navigate.


My Own Corks
Graphical layout


Windows Phone
Simple white header with image slider


Innovative scrolling design.


Tom, Dick & Harry
Simple design. Excellent use of colors and mouse-overs.


Happy Studio
Simple portfolio-type design.


Nice use of sections throughout the page.


Excellent Flat Web Design, to illustrate their own designs.