Stumbling across a nice and appealing website while browsing through the web can be rewarding, especially when you are looking for some sort of inspiration to start your own website. So to help make that easier, we have combined some of our favorites in this post, so you don’t need to dig to find some absolutely striking designs! Today, we bring to you an amazing collection of nice and clean layouts to remind you that in web design, you have all the freedom to make your website sophisticated and exciting, while keeping to a clean design . Take a look the samples below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Ryan Howorth
Ryan Howorth is a very simple portfolio website. It has a full scale slider with very clean background.


This Awesome website has 3 circle navigation which redirects you to some awesome pages.


An inspiring website with black and white design.


Shelton Fleming
A very good website with very nice color combination and a slide option design.


Slider design with very good graphics and images.


A big scale slider design that express what their website is all about.


Pretty Sucks
Clean slideshow images and good thumbnail for the products.


A very well organized design with clean background.


Gage Salzano
A very nice post illustration with good color choice.


Good font color combination with smooth buttons and light background design.


Gubb & Mackie
A website design with simple navigation and eye-catching color.


Minerva Streetwear
Classic and Modern website design combined.


Crayons to Concept
A clean design with face thumbnails on the homepage.


Chris Linden
A good portfolio with professional graphics and photographs.