50 CSS3 Tutorials That Makes Your Works Perfect

 |  CSS/HTML, Tutorials  |  8 Comments

I’m pretty much sure about this post. Everybody looking for a nice tutorial on CSS3 to improve their skills in coding. I know this will help you. I was searching for some awesome CSS3 tutorials to give you guys… ๐Ÿ˜€ For the begginers also these articles will defenitly help. So enjoy friends.. ๐Ÿ™‚ 1. How […]

Facebook at Childhood

 |  General  |  No Comments

Hello friends, I’m posting this article for let you know the roots of Facebook. Did you know one thing? Facebook is now at the 2nd position. Just below the search engine giant Google and Just above the another giant Yahoo. In between two seach engines, there is a social network site. This is according to […]

World’s First Webpage

 |  General  |  5 Comments

I think most of the time we were talking about the design stuffs. So its better to have a light deviation from the topic. I thought it will really make you enjoy if I show you the world’s first webpage. This is the era of Web 2, and we are about to leave the it […]

Most Wanted Sidebar Plugins For WordPress (Part 2)

 |  Plugins  |  1 Comment

So here comes the second part of the Most Wanted sidebar plugins for wordpress. I think you will get some more plugins that you should be used in your wordpress. I have selected the plugins in such a manner that every wordpress user should have one to selec from this list. I hope you will […]

Most Wanted Sidebar Plugins For WordPress (Part 1)

 |  Plugins  |  12 Comments

WordPress themes are attractive if the sidebar is interactive. For a good WordPress blog, it’s necessary to have almost all the plugins that may brings the visitors great happiness. Also, these plugins should be of high quality. So, here I have some of them for your wordpress blog. This showcase is of 2 parts. First […]

Create Your Own Twitter BG

 |  Uncategorized  |  7 Comments

Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed very well our previous WP theme tutorial. Today I have an interesting topic for you to design something for your own Twitter page. Yes Itโ€™s the Twitter Background design. I think itโ€™s not so good to put your wonderful twitter account with the default background solid color which they […]

Create Your own wordpress Theme

 |  Uncategorized  |  16 Comments

Today lets try to create our own wordpress design using Photoshop. Itโ€™s a very easy step to create a wordpress design. But the most difficult part is to get a thorough idea about what we need and how to design. So lets try something today. This is a model theme. You can use this tutorial […]

Top 10 Comment Area Designs

 |  Uncategorized  |  7 Comments

Happy New year friends. Since today is Jan 1st, I knew there will be a lot of postings from all the design related websites. We come across with a lot of such websites I know that. So today I have some good stuffs for you friends. In the case of a blog, commets plays an […]

New Year Give Away from SmashingWebs

 |  Uncategorized  |  14 Comments

Hi again, Happy New year to all the SmashingWebs readers. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are now at the end of 2009 and at the begining of 2010. So SmashingWebs offers our readers an excellent gift in the New Year. As a part of the SmashingWebs promotion, we are offering 8 Smashing Revolution PSD themes for our readers. […]

Promotional Sites for Your Blog or Website

 |  Uncategorized  |  8 Comments

Since I just started up my blog, I was totally in a big confusion how to get a good traffic to my blog? Even if I post relevant contents, there is no hope for me. So I just search for how to promote my blog posts through internet. I just found some social bookmarking site […]

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